I offer a range of services related to pet nutrition, including:

  1. presentations, workshops and seminars for veterinarians and clinic support staff, veterinary/AHT/RVT students, dog breeders, pet food retailers and pet owners
  2. consulting services to pet food companies regarding pet food formulation, product development, ingredient selection and quality assurance
  3. individual pet case consultation, specializing in nutrition-related problems such as obesity, allergies etc.
  4. freelance writing on pet nutrition for pet publications and breed club newsletters.

I have spoken professionally or published articles on the following subjects:
  1. General pet nutrition (nutrients, energy, requirements, assessment)
  2. Lifestage nutrition (canine and feline growth, maintenance, seniors, reproduction, and working/service dogs);
  3. Pet food (manufacturing, quality assurance, palatability, ingredients, labels, regulations, product development and testing, common myths and misconceptions)
  4. Clinical nutrition (dietary management of pets with cardiac disease, renal disease, urinary tract disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, joint disease, gastrointestinal disease, food sensitivity, skin disease, liver disease).

I will tailor my presentation to the interests and needs of your organization.